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South Africa a Social Commentary



Thoughts on South Africa in general and Socialism/Communism in particular


Emphasis being on the U.K. under Harold Wilson during the 60s and early 70s and SA’s future prospects with the UN banning of political parties and planned move towards a democratically elected government.

I left England in 1968 as I could no longer live under the inept, tyrannical autocratic Labour Party administration conducted by Harold Wilson and his Politburo masters in Russia.

As puppets of the Kremlin, Harold Wilson and his cohorts were committed to doing exactly what the Politburo required. They did so with vigour, ruining the economic structure of British industry and were to damage society in general for years to come.

Strike after strike, managed and orchestrated from the Kremlin, were the order of the day. The Politburo continued to pour more and more money and resources into active measures to achieve positive results. This they did with the help and connivance of Wilson and his Communist supporters. The "Great" went out of Britain.

Disarmament and the gradual weakening of military power that was to lead to the end of Britain as a military, air and naval power of consequence. This also included the proposed undermining and eventual collapse of NATO and the withdrawal of American military support in Europe. What the Politburo wanted Wilson gave. Through stay-aways, strikes and co-ordinated industrial disputes (twenty thousand workers at Ford in Birmingham came out for six weeks, the reason was a dispute over who went on the first tea break!) the economy was deteriorating at a breakneck pace.

The miners strike, amongst many others I witnessed, showed, more vividly than a thousand books, how fragile British freedoms were and how easily the sturdy oak of democracy could crash down to reveal itself as a husk, gnawed away by pro-Soviet termites concentrating on the heartwood of the trade unions, Parliament, the media, the education system and even the churches.

The strike was a long-planned challenge to a democratically elected government and the government's survival was more close-run than it would ever care to admit. All that saved it was the fluke existence of massive coal stocks which gave the authorities time to organize alternative fuels for the power stations.

Without these fuels a quick surrender, as industry ground to a halt, might have seemed so inevitable that the left wing leaders of the Dockers, rail men, seamen and others, could have induced their members to join what would have been, effectively, a general strike. If they had mounted mass pickets, as they would have been encouraged to do, law and order would almost certainly have surrendered to violence and intimidation.

With the miners alone, the police were stretched almost to the limit, and mass picketing in the major industries, with extremist militants and many of the unemployed joining in for the kill (exactly as we are going to experience here on an increasing scale) could not have been contained. Neither could the deliberate extension of the violence into the so-called deprived areas in the cities, which had seen riots before.

With the use of troops as the only hope for containment, it was the opinion of high British authorities close to the action that such a situation could have come near to a civil war, though they would deny it publicly, preferring to perpetuate the dangerous belief that "it could never happen in England".

Whether the miners' leaders called themselves pro-Soviet Communists or just behaved like them, their preference was for a pseudo-democracy- a government THAT CAN NEVER BE DEFEATED IN AN ELECTION, LIKE THAT OF THE SOVIET UNION.

Those afflicted by the "it could never happen in England" syndrome should recall that when successful Communist revolutions have been accomplished it has been by small minorities prepared to use force and deceit to install a small ruling clique and to maintain it.

Pro-Soviet revolutionaries, and especially those with the intimidatory threat of Soviet military strength behind them, have only to win once. The SACP with the ANC "front" under the pretext of alleviating repression immediately springs to mind here.

However, the miners' strike in particular, together with all the previous strikes called by the masters of deception, demonstrated two things very clearly. One is the human factor which makes Soviet active measures successful when applied over many years; namely the "gullibility" of what Communists call "THE MASSES" and two, their readiness to shrug off excesses which may have shocked them deeply for a few days.

Observing the actions and behaviour of the workers in England during the 60s, not least in the context of their violence to colleagues who disagreed with them, it became easier for me to understand how an intelligent people like the Germans submitted to the monstrous rantings of Hitler and fastened the chains of murderous tyranny around themselves.

The Soviet leaders are nothing if not patient, and the techniques of deception and intimidation have worked successfully against their own people and their satellite populations to keep them at the pinnacle of power for nearly seventy years. The Soviet Government has total continuity of power, so its foreign policy, of which active measures form an integral part, can be held subservient to the long-term ideological intention, with the immediate interests of the Soviet people, such as its material welfare, remaining in the


Current events in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union bear strong testimony to what I have documented.

The future of South Africa should the trade unions continue their march to power with the help and connivance of the Politburo will be bleak.

Unfortunately the country is ripe for Socialism (read Communism) owing to the poor standards of education amongst blacks. This is exacerbated by their inherent lack of ambition making Socialism appear even more attractive. If the economy is strained further through so called "mass action", "stay-aways", and days off, here and there, for reasons known only to the masters of deception themselves, ethnic violence will increase. Soviet Embassies will be established here so that a more hands-on foreign policy can be achieved from within the country.


nternecine murder will also escalate. This will inevitably spill over into the white suburban areas and outlying farming communities will be targeted. More and more people will become unemployed. Jobs will be unavailable. Business will not be able to accommodate the masses of school leavers. Education standards at all levels will fall dramatically.

The economy will be further shattered by continuing strikes and "mass-action". The Soviet masters, orchestrating this through the ANC, the SACP, and the Trade Unions. The puppets of the Politburo will wag the SACP tail that in turn will cause the ANC dog to nod in submission.

The once tenuous links between the ANC and the SACP have roots going back to the early 1950s. Moscow, seeing the advantages of acquiring valuable military and mineral resources in South Africa, befriended the ANC during these early years.

When a man is drowning he does not stop to read the manufacturer's label when grabbing the life jacket. The ANC grabbed and has never been allowed to let go.

The link is no longer tenuous. They are so infiltrated with SACP members the parties are, in fact, one and the same. It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of vegetarianism when the wolf remains of a different opinion. As I have stated previously "the Soviet leaders are nothing if not patient".

The fears of extreme right-wing elements in the country will be played on to the continued advantage of the Politburo. This will lead to a complete break-down of law and order, through retaliation, and eventually, possibly civil war. Whilst the government of the day will be proclaiming unremitting progress and success, anybody with eyes will see the accelerating deterioration.

The dictatorship of the proletariat will in fact be a dictatorship of the `elite.

The Soviet leadership can then lay claim to having established a Marxist government without having sent in a tank, as in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, or even firing a shot themselves. The gullibility of the people here "the masses" will have accomplished it for them.

To quote Lenin himself; "To speak the truth is a petty bourgeois prejudice. To lie, on the other hand, is often justified by its ends"......

Within ten years the country will have degenerated into the filthy, bankrupt, impoverished mess that epitomises the rest of Africa. What should be cause for very grave concern is the number of people in all countries of the West who are fully aware of the truth about conditions in the Soviet Union and the gross incompetence of the Communist system, yet are determined to impose that kind of society on their own kith and kin to satisfy their personal lust for power and their warped ideological yearnings.

The majority of blacks in this country, quite rightly wanting an end to the repression's and indignities of Apartheid, are now in full flight, head over heels, in a race to supersede Apartheid for the prison camp of Socialism/Communism.

By the introduction and the rigid enforcement of Apartheid, the National Party of South Africa, during the past 40 years, created ground so ripe and so fertile, that entrenchment of the present scenario was inevitable, inescapable, and absolutely certain.

The problems are now too deep rooted to overcome. Unfortunately Apartheid has worked to the detriment of any future multi-party transitional council that may be contemplated. In any event the first government of national unity, if that is the way they will go, will inevitably fail. Serious economic, financial and social problems will have destroyed the country. This will take years to re-build.

The aspirations of many are unrealistically high and will become even more so. Whatever new government is installed, fails to deliver on past promises, then anarchy will prevail.

Unchecked corruption and greed at the highest levels will inspire the masses to crime. A massive brain drain will ensue, as a result medical services, hospitals, law enforcement and other essential public service structures and parastatals will deteriorate & finally collapse.

Absolute totalitarianism under a Communist/Socialist inspired leadership will commit itself to further repression. The poor will get poorer and the elite (Party officials & their chosen cronies) will get rich at the expense of the masses.

Therefore, one autocracy will have been replaced by another.

John Taylor 1990.


Remember this was written before the collapse of the Soviet Union and long before the ANC came into power.

I handed it to Mandela at Qunu in 1991 and after reading it he said……….

“John. we will never let it happen”………....famous last words?

I rest my case.


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